3.19.2017 Campus Update

Good Afternoon,

The natural gas line relocation project continues with work in front of Highsmith Union to tie-in the lines and has resulted in a portion of sidewalk directly in front of Highsmith being closed. PSNC, our natural gas provider, has indicated that it may take up to two weeks to finalize the gas line work in this area and reopen the sidewalk.

During this time, please use the sidewalk on the other side of University Heights for access between Highsmith and Brown Hall. Access to the Highsmith Bridge will remain open. Please note the 30-minute parking in front of Highsmith Union will be unavailable, but the accessible parking will remain open.

We are working with PSNC to minimize the time to complete this work as well as considering other options to reopen the sidewalk as soon as possible.

The bulk of the gas line relocation has been completed but work will continue over the next few weeks. 

Please see the sidewalk closure map of the sidewalk detour.

If you have questions regarding this sidewalk closure or other campus construction projects please email campusconstruction@unca.edu or contact Campus Operations at 828.251.6564.


David Todd
Associate Vice Chancellor  of Campus Operations
University of North Carolina Asheville