3.30.17 Campus Update

Construction work on the new Student Housing is scheduled to begin this coming Monday, 4/3/17. Initial work will consist of surveying, the placement of construction trailers, installation of fencing to define the construction site, and delivery of construction equipment.  Clearing and grading work, which will include tree removal, will begin on 4/10/17.

Parking and campus access will be impacted as follows. Please see the April 2017 Construction Closures Map.

Beginning the week of 4/3/17, minor disruptions in parking along Founders Drive will occur resulting in a loss of approximately 10-20 parking spaces.

Beginning on 4/10/17, the gravel access road/pedestrian path/bicycle path between Founders Drive and University Heights will be closed.

Beginning on 4/10/17, pedestrian and bicycle access to Founders Hall via Founders Drive will be closed.

Beginning on 4/10/17, parking lots P21, P22, and P23 will be closed.

Beginning on 4/10/17, parking lots P29 and P31 will be open for Non-Resident Student, OLLI, and Faculty/Staff parking to help offset parking lost on Founders Drive. While the parking lot will be open, the lot will not have lights until mid to late April. The existing path to W.T. Weaver is open but the new sidewalk to the traffic circle on W.T. Weaver will not be open until the later part of April.  Emergency "Blue Light" phones will be placed in the parking lot and along the new sidewalk but these will not be functional until early June.  P29 can be accessed via the recently constructed road that connects P29 to P31 which is located at 118 W.T. Weaver, Health & Counseling Center. Please see the map for directions to parking lot P29.

Shuttle service to parking lots P29 and P31 will be available using the Red Shuttle Route which services the Health & Counseling Center every 12 minutes from 7:51am-5:15pm and every 20 minutes between 5:43pm and 9:23pm.

Please note access to Admissions and Financial Aid will remain unchanged from University Heights.

These timelines may change, and updates will be communicated via email and on the website facilities.unca.edu/construction.

If you have questions regarding this communication or other campus construction projects please email campusconstruction@unca.edu or contact Campus Operations at 828-251-6564.

David Todd
Associate Vice Chancellor of Campus Operations