4.21.17 Campus Update

Campus Community,

As we enter the final stretch of the semester, excitement is filling the air.  The owl family got many of us out into the spring air as we observed the fledgling owls embark on their life journey.  We are preparing to celebrate the class of 2017 as they receive their degrees at the Commencement Ceremony on May 13, 2017.  We will also celebrate the accomplishments of our students from diverse backgrounds with the Donning of the Stoles, Lavender Graduation and Veteran Student Graduation ceremonies in May.

We add to the celebration of our students in May with the groundbreaking and start of construction of the new residence halls and the expansion of Highsmith Student Union this April.  Although the construction of new buildings is a very exciting time for the university, these projects will require the loss of some existing parking spaces and reallocating the use of existing parking lots for our user groups.

The next phase of construction started this week with parking lot closures in P22 and the installation of construction fencing. We will complete the closure of parking lots P21, P22 and P23 behind Brown Hall on Monday, April 24, which will impact 177 spaces (155 Non-Resident Student spaces and 22 Faculty/Staff spaces).

Non-Resident Student parking spaces will be reallocated to parking lots P29 and P31.  These lots can be accessed via the driveway entering the 118 W.T. Weaver property.  Once you enter the parking lot, turn right and you will be in lot P31.  Continue through P31 to the newly constructed driveway and that driveway will take you to P29.

Non-Resident Students please note that the parking lot is currently gravel; please consider wearing appropriate footwear to walk safely on gravel surfaces.

Shuttle service to parking lots P29 and P31 will be available using the Red Shuttle Route which services the Health & Counseling Center every 12 minutes from 7:51am-5:15pm and every 20 minutes between 5:43pm and 9:23pm.

Non-Resident Students may also relocate to parking lot P1 on Campus Drive near the intersection of Broadway.  There are approximately 38 existing spaces available daily in this lot.  Blue Shuttle Route will service this lot every 12 minutes at the P2 shuttle stop.

The 22 Faculty and Staff spaces will be redistributed in the existing Faculty and Staff lots.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns related to parking or transportation. For more updates on the campus construction projects, visit facilities.unca.edu/construction.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance in making the required lots available as the construction of our new residence halls and renovations to Highsmith Student Union begin.

Eric Boyce