Highsmith Union

Highsmith Union renovations will bring the student experience to the front and center of the building, providing meeting spaces and open areas for student organizations, as well as an area to showcase a student art gallery and share the work of the Intercultural Center. Two fireplaces and a coffee shop will contribute to the warm and inviting atmosphere.

The project will include the design and construction of a large multi-purpose room as an addition between the existing Highsmith Union and Brown Hall, essentially “bridging” the two facilities. The multi-purpose room will provide direct access to Brown Hall for kitchen and catering operations as well. 

Several offices will be relocated during the construction project, and administrative offices will be relocated to areas within the building that are less utilized by students.

Community Input

Project planning for Highsmith Union has included a feasibility study, student survey, and community meetings.

Estimated Cost



Renovations to Highsmith Union begin in Spring 2017.


Highsmith Union Rendered Plan

Highsmith Union rendered plan for renovation

Highsmith Union North View

Highsmith Union North View

Images provided by Little Diversified / Workshop